Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Forever and more coming soon.

HeroClix is a tactical combat miniatures game where you put heroes and villains from your favorite comics, movies, and TV shows in head-to-head combat. It utilizes the patented Combat Dial System originally found in the collectible Mage Knight miniatures game.

HeroClix miniatures use the combat dial to reflect a change in a characters' combat values, powers, and abilities over time. Some characters will pivot from long range to close quarters combat styles, others will move from acting aggressively to stealing their opponent's energy. The easiest thing to observe will be which characters are worn down by battle and which ones experience rage from getting hurt that helps them strike back at their foes! HeroClix uses gridded maps instead of a measure-and-move system, as well as die rolling.

HeroClix has been around since 2002, and as such there are tons of choices for your favorite characters, and nearly any comic character you can imagine has been featured in the game at one point or another!