Plymouth Roadrunner "No.25"  | 20027728  | Carrera

Plymouth Roadrunner "No.25" | 20027728 | Carrera

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  • Plymouth Roadrunner ‘No.25’
  • 1:32-scale
  • 8 years and up

  • Brutal racetrack muscle-power
    The Plymouth Roadrunner, named after the Chuck Jones cartoon character, is a perfect example of the US Muscle Car breed. In the early 70s the speedy roadrunner was also in action on Nascar circuits. In the 1971 and 1972 seasons the US driver Cerry Ezra ‘Jabe’ Thomas sat at the wheel of this no.25 roadrunner.

    Cult 70s car on Carrera racing circuits
    The cult 70s powerhouse with the eye-catching red paintwork down the sides channels Nascar race excitement onto Carrera tracks. Faithfully-replicated details ensure the Carrera EVOLUTION model looks just like the original.

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