Greenberg’s Guide to Aurora Slot Cars | 9000 | Thomas Graham

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Aurora Slot Cars

During the 1960’s and early ‘70s, slot cars were America’s hottest toys. Young boys would gather at hobby shops or in basements to race their souped-up cars against each other. Many of the hottest cars were manufactured by Aurora. Prized as speedy electric racers then, today they are popular collectibles.

Author Thomas Graham has exhaustively researched the history of Aurora, gathering inside information as well as photos of some of the company’s early production and promotional events. Graham’s heavily illustrated book includes an informative and entertaining history of Aurora’s slot car line. The author has also provided an exhaustive listing of Aurora slot cars and their current collector-market value.

Through the pages of this book, baby boomers and collectors alike will relive the days when slot cars were king!


  • Greenberg’s Guide to Aurora Slot Cars
  • 9000
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  • Thomas Graham
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