Super 5 Combo | Auto World | SRS331 | SRS326 | SRS296 | SRS323 | SRS328

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This is the ULTIMATE master collection. Buy this set and you will have enough track, cars, and spare parts to build anything you imagine. The problem with this combo set is you will never have to buy anything from ProTinkerToys ever again! Why waste your time buying 1 or 2 sets? Get the entire collection and save $200. This deal will go until I am sold out of one of the sets and might change it to the Super 4. So what you get in this Super 5 is the following.



1 – Auto World SRS331  California Cruising
1 – Auto World SRS326 Trans America
1 – Auto World SRS296 Indy
1 – Auto World SRS323 Zombie Escape
1 – Auto World SRS328 Off-Road

1 – BONUS FREE Aurora Black Yellow Flame Belair, Painted by the world-renowned Artist Timothy Young.


Please review each individual item on the website to see what is included in each set. All of your track and parts will get the Professor Tinker Guarantee meaning you get a 1-year warranty through our website.


Timothy Young’s work has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States including the Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, Graham Center Museum, Wheaton, Illinois, The Paul Mellon Arts Center, Wallingford, Connecticut, and at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. In addition, his works are in private collections throughout the United States.

Link to his Website -

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