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    You can help Samurai X fight off two villainous Constrictai minifigs with the amazing Samurai Mech. This LEGO Ninjago brickset includes three minifigures, several accessories, and enough bricks and parts to build the Samurai Mech, which stands at more than 9 inches tall upon build completion. This fun, interactive set can let you take Samurai X through her battle with the Constrictai fighters Snike and Bytar. You can put the Samurai X minifigure in the Mech cockpit and fire the shoulder cannons, or use the separate catapult piece as part of your play. With several different minifigures and working parts, this LEGO Ninjago brickset can be a real winner for playing games or displaying as part of a collection. In addition to the giant Samurai Mech blade, the set includes two Constrictai weapons, including a Fang blade with an orange anti-venom capsule at the hilt. These accessories can make the set more versatile for play; put Samurai X in the Mech or have her fend off the Constrictai fighters on the ground. The multiple minifigures and accessories included this set can make it possible for multiplayer interactive games involving plenty of imagination and excitement, and the Samurai Mech itself can cross LEGO franchise boundaries and factor into many different games with all kinds of brick toys and minifigs. Fans of the LEGO Ninjago series may be particularly interested to add this Samurai Mech set to their collection of toys from this innovative animated series. Rather than adapting characters into minifigure form, LEGO’s Ninjago series showcases animated minifigures having all kinds of amazing adventures, so the minifigs in this and other Ninjago sets look just like they do on the show. The only difference is that the minifigs in this LEGO set don’t have changing facial expressions like they do in the cartoon. The complete LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech set consists of 452 pieces, including all three minifigures – Samurai X, Snike, and Bytar – and all of the bricks and parts you need to build the Mech and catapult. With such a generous range of accessories and the promise of further Ninjago play with other LEGO sets from the same series, kids can have all they need for a good time in one little LEGO package. This LEGO Ninjago set is retired, so you may not find it on store shelves while you’re out shopping. If you buy a set without instructions, don’t worry. You can find downloadable instructions for the LEGO 9448 Ninjago Samurai Mech set online. LEGO sets this Ninjago brickset’s age range at ages 8-14, but all kids above age 8 – even grownup kids at heart – can love this exciting example of LEGO’s next generation approach to build and play toys.

    Product Identifiers
    Brand Lego
    MPN 9448
    UPC 0673419165549, 5702014831223
    Model Samurai Mech
    eBay Product ID (ePID) 134229544

    Product Key Features
    Material Plastic
    Year 2012
    Piece Count 452 Pieces
    LEGO Character Snike, Samurai X, Bytar

    Additional Product Features
    Character Family Ninjago
    LEGO Theme Ninjago
    Series Ninjago
    Number of Pieces 452 Pieces
    Model Type Robots/Droids
    Type Figures, Sets
    Character Snike, Samurai Sportswear X, Bytar
    Recommended Age 14+
    Theme Ninjago
    Recommended Age Range 14+
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