iWheels WHITE Smokey and the Bandit | 1977 Firebird X-traction | SC339 | Auto World

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iWheels Disclaimer these cars are not rare but they are a little harder to find. The cars can not be bought with discounts and we have to warn you that inventories might be incorrect and we apologize for our mistake. If we find after you have purchased this item that it is out of stock or missing we will refund 100% of the order. Buy purchasing this item you admit you will not be upset if we accidentally messed up the inventory of this item and have to refund your purchase.

Auto World Xtraction R25 WHITE 1977 Firebird Smokey and the Bandit HO Scale Slot Car. Xtraction Ultra•G. FAST FAST FAST! Get the special edition car now before we sell out!


  • Item # SC339BANDIT WHITE
  • Auto World
  • HO
  • 1/64
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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