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Fuel Cell Racing Car Green GT H2. Carrera EVOLUTION In a futuristic design, Scale 1:32, From 8 years

New fuels in motor sport

Powering electric motors with hydrogen is an effective way to replace conventional drive models. The best thing about this is that the emissions from operating with pure hydrogen consist primarily of water vapour. The fuel cell has also made an entrance in the racing world. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016, the Green GT H2 made its debut, thus paving the way for future technologies. The legendary car design firm Pininfarina did a great job of turning this racing car into something very special. Two electric motors generating a total of 540 bhp ensure stunning driving performance Harnessing the power of electric motors on your Carrera EVOLUTION race track

It looks like something straight from the future - the futuristically designed GreenGT H2 is the first hydrogen-powered racing car. The GreenGT H2 slot car is available – true to every detail – on the Carrera Evolution race track on a scale of 1:32. The paintwork, rims and enormous spoiler have been taken 1:1 from the original. The official GreenGT license makes this possible. The identical Carrera EVOLUTION GreenGT H2 “Paul Ricard 2015” Slot Car on a scale of 1:32 impresses all with its detailed workmanship – in every way true to the original. The Carrera car can also be converted to digital by means of a separate digital decoder. Buckle up, put pedal to the metal and have fun! 


  • Item #20027517
  • Blue & White
  • Car #2016
  • 1/32
  • Replaceable Double Contact Brushes
  • Downforce Magnets
  • High-quality Tampo Printing
  • Compatible with all Carrera Evolution Slot Car Race Tracks
  • Carrera Digital Upgradable with the purchase of Digital Decoder Chip
  • Engine E200 standard
  • Carrera Car Model
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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