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Ultimate Secret Formula Lab | 00484 | Smart Lab


Smart Lab Toys - Ultimate Secret Formula Lab - Explore the secrets of science with 40 epic experiments! Use the unique pressurized valve and plunger system to transport and mix liquids, and observe amazing chemical reactions like a real scientist. The 32-page lab book includes detailed instructions for conducting over 40 experiments that teach chemistry, fluid dynamics and pressure. Experiments include: The Amazing Breathing Marshmallow, a CO2 Detector, Crystal Splinters, and many more. Science has never been cooler! STEM Focus: Chemistry. Suitable for ages 8 years old and up. Components: Base station with supports, Plunger, Cylinder, 3 Valves, Large test tube holder, Large test tube, 2 Reservoirs, Reservoir cap, 4 Rubber grommets, 2 Small test tube caps, 2 Small test tubes, 6 Snap clips, Erlenmeyer flask, Tall beaker, 5 Clear vinyl tubes, Petri dish and lid, Pipette, 10 grams Calcium chloride, 59 mL Phenol red, 20 grams Calcium hydroxide, 20 pH Test strips, Spill containment tray, 32-page lab book. Specs: Item #: SL14529, UPC: 834509004845, Package: 15.75" x 15" x 3", Book: 32-page lab book, Batteries: None required, Ages: 8+. STEM Focus: Chemistry• STEM Focus: Chemistry• Kids can explore the secrets of science• 40 awesome experiments


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