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Parris M-30b Trainer Rifle Prop, Detailed Version of the 1903 Springfield Rifle. OKAY IF YOU AR MAKING A Movie and You Need A Gun, These M-30 Trainer Rifle Are Your Props. M-30b Full Size Trainer Rifle Silver Plated Detailed Version of the 1903 Springfield Rifle, Operating Bolt Action and Clicker Trigger with Adjustable Sling. 42 Inched in Length, Comes in Walnut and White.

"This is a theatrical prop & parade rifle"

Reproduction training rifle made by Parris Manufacturing Company. Wood and metal construction. Pictured with an original WW2 example for comparison. The history of Parris Manufacturing Company is a very interesting one. At the start of World War II, when draftees by the thousands were being sent to the Army and Navy training camps, there were no rifles available for training purposes. Parris Manufacturing Company, already an expert in woodworking, was asked by the Department of Defense to make dummy training rifles for new recruits to use until real rifles could be made available. More than 2 million of these training rifles were made for the Army and Navy and the Company earned the coveted Army-Navy “E” Award for its contribution to the war effort. After the war was over, the company switched its production lines over to manufacturing toy rifles and pistols. These toy guns were made with the same skill and care that the company had used in making the Army and Navy training rifles. Full-Size Trainer Rifle. Silver-plated detailed version of the 1903 Springfield Rifle. Operating bolt action and clicker trigger with adjustable sling. 42 inches in length. Makes Great Theatrical Prop and Parade Rifle. Please check with your local law(s) before ordering. Some states have restrictions.


  • 41.5” Long
  • Die Cast Metal Collectible
  • Parris Manufacturing
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