Huina  Flatbed fork HUINA 1576 RC FORKLIFT + FLAT BED (2022 MODEL)  | HUN11576 | IMEX-IMEX-[variant_title]-ProTinkerToys

Huina Flatbed fork HUINA 1576 RC FORKLIFT + FLAT BED (2022 MODEL) | HUN11576 | IMEX

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Huina 1576 RC Forklift is the cousin of Huina 1577 Forklift (compare and contrast the two products.) Both are a remote control forklift toy; Huina 1576 just has a flatbed in addition to the forklift truck. Do you want your children to discover their passion for engineering? Are you an engineer on a lunch break who needs something to relax with? Do you have student engineers in your industry you can teach how a forklift works? These are just but three of the many reasons you need toy forklift trucks! The flatbed carries more than 26 Lbs. It attaches to the forklift to ramp up your fun. On the flatbed, carry other construction trucks like RC Huina 1550 Excavator or anything up about 26 Lbs. Constructed of 80% metal, the flatbed is durable. 1:10 scale with fordable truck ramp; flatbed size is 14 inches long and 8 inches wide. The flatbed doesn’t need a dedicated battery. What about the forklift itself? Huina RC Forklift has great power and operates at 2.4 GHz. It has a remote control distance of over 100 feet. Like a real truck, this remote control forklift toy moves forward or backward and turns left or right. Its fork extends up and down as well. The forklift requires a 7.2V 400mAh battery, which operates for about 25 minutes on a single charge. Made of 90% heavy metal, the forklift lasts long. Huina Forklift with Flatbed is a fun and versatile piece of toy ... add to cart! Product includes; Forklift, Flatbed, 400mAh 7.2V battery, 2.4 GHz transmitter, USB charging cable, 2 trays, and metal crane hook. 400mah 7.2V battery is rechargeable.

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