Priced to Race Slot Cars III | 1400-1431 | ProTinker

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Priced to Race Slot Cars V | 1400-1431 | ProTinker
Item# 1400 Through 1431 are a collection of Slot Cars exclusive to the Protinker Tinker Club. These slot cars are without the display case and might be missing inessential pieces like side mirrors, antennas or fins. These Cars are normally seen in the wall displays in the shop, and most are 1/32 Scale (unless otherwise stated) and unique.

Some Cars have not been produced for some time and all of this inventory is “new/old” stock and comes as is. We try to offer the best price we can but that means every car purchased comes as is, we are unable to test any of the cars. If you are interested in a car that comes RTR please consider the new inventory of Carrera and Scalextric.


  • Item# 1400-1431
  • 1/32 (unless otherwise stated)
  • Slot Car
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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